We pride ourselves in cooking homemade authentic tapas using the best quality ingredients from Spain. The best Spanish imported product like Serrano Ham or Manchego Cheese.


Olivas variadas (v)                    £3.60

Marinated mixed olives

Pan con Tomate (v)                  £3.90

Toasted bread with tomato  & olive oil

Pan con Tomate & Queso(v)  £4.60

Toasted bread with tomato , olive oil & Chee

Pan con Tomate & Jamon      £4.60

Toasted bread with tomato , olive oil & ham


Ensalada de tomate con caballa     £5.20

Fresh tomatoes, mackerel, oregano, olive oil


Boquerones en vinagre     £5.40

Anchovies in vinegar with parsley & garlic

Tortas de bacalao               £5.90

Crisp-fried battered cod with garlic sauce

Merluza en Salsa Ali oli     £5.90

Fried hake in ali oli sauce


Tortilla Española (v)             £4.20

Spanish omelette, onion & eggs     

Patatas Alioli (v)                   £4.40

Fried potatoes in homemade garlic sauce

Patatas Bravas (v)                £4.40

Hand-cut fried potatoes topped with spicy tomato sauce

Croquetas Boletus  (v)         £5.40

 Mushroom croquettes      

Queso con membrillo (v)    £5.40

Manchego cheese with quince jelly    

Pimientos de padrón(v)      £5.40

Fried Spanish padron peppers & rock salt    

Champiñones al Ajillo(v)   £5.40

Mushrooms in garlic sauce    


Pincho Moruno             £5.20

Spicy grilled cubed pork

Chorizos a la Sidra       £5.40

Sliced Spanish sausages cooked in cider

Albondigas                    £5.40

Homemade Spanish beef meat balls

Pollo al ajillo                £5.60

Chicken in garlic souce

Morcilla con Bacon     £5.40

Black pudding with bacon & peppers souce

Croquetas de Jamon   £5.40

Serrano ham croquettes 

Huevos Rotos               £5.60

Potatoes, serrano ham and eggs, fried.    

(v) Vegetarian food


Natillas                      £4.60

Homemade Spanish custard

Tarta de la Abuela   £4.60

Cream caramel biscuits with chocolate

Tarta de Santiago    £4.60

Almond Cake

(v) Vegetarian food


SPARKLING WATER                                £2.80

COKE, FANTA, TONIC                             £2.80

JUICE                                                       £2.80

Orange / Peach / Pinapple 


ESTRELLA GALICIA (33cl)                            £3.90  SAN MIGUEL(0,33L)                                    £3.90

HEINEKEN (33cl)                                         £3.90

ALHAMBRA RESERVA 1925 (33cl)              £4.20

CORONA(33cl)                                             £3.90

BUCKLER 0,0 (25cl)                                     £2.90

THATCHERS GOLD CIDER(50cl)                 £4.20


SANGRIA (1.5L)                                            £15.90

TINTO VERANO (1.5L)                                  £15.00



LARIOS                                                  £6.00

LARIOS ROUSE                                     £6.00

BOMBAY SAPHIRE                               £6.00


BALLANTINE'S                                     £6.00

RED LABEL                                           £6.00


HAVANA CLUB                                      £6.00

BRUGAL AÑEJO                                    £6.00


SMIRNOFF                                            £6.00

ABSOLUTE                                            £6.00


HOUSEMADE BARRIKA                       £4.00


CAVA CODORNIU 20cl                                                                                  £5.80

CAVA BRUT NATURE JAUME SERRA 75cl                                                     £16.50                                       

CAVA GRAN CREMAN DUBOIS SEMI FREIXENET 75cl                               £19.50

MOËT & CHANDON CHAMPAGNE                                                              £48.00


ESPRESSO / SOLO                                        £2.80

TEA                                                                £2.80

CAFE CON LECHE / LATTE                           £2.80

CAPUCCINO                                                 £2.80

SPECIAL BARRIKA ASIATICO                      £3.90

Coffe + Licor43 + Brandy + Condensed Milk + Cinnamon


We take the matching of Spanish wines  , and work closely with our suppliers to bring you the best list we can at affordable prices, this keeps everybody happy . Several wines are available by the glass.

 If you are having a celebration with us once the menu has been decided on our wine supplier be delighted to pick wines to match the food.

Wine was introduced to Spain by the Phoenicians in 800 BC. Because of this, the wines of the Iberian peninsula are not the same French varieties we grow in the US. The wines are striking and unique, they also match perfectly with rich foods including thick cut cheddar burgers, empanadas, bbq skewers and pork roast.



Gran Selección Pata Negra (75cl)                          £16.90

Soft and fresh entrance with good acidity, giving way to an agreeable wine with a long, powerful finish with the characteristic tannins of a young wine with a short stint in barrel.

Antaño Crianza (75cl)                                              £21.00

Is a Rioja wine with a ruby red colour, with an upper middle layer, a clean and bright wine. It hits the nose with its own reduction from bottle aging, finally presenting itself as potent and complex thanks to the primary aromas of the varietals that compose it and the wood used to age it, providing with subtle hints of spice. On the palate it is somewhat tannic, giving way to a pleasant wine with a long, velvety and complex finish.

Ramon Bilbao Crianza (75cl)                                  £26.00

Is a cherry red, ruby hues. Fine wood aroma, coconut, pepper, black fruit compote. Liquor and balsamic background. fresh, harmonious with nature. Varietals and spicy notes. 

Ramon Bilbao Edicion Limitada (75cl)                 £32.00

Is a intense ruby red, reflections pillory. Complex aroma, with hints of fresh black fruit and spices like sandalwood and cinnamon with a structured and fresh.

Long persistence on the palate with notes of laurel reappearance of liquorice and fruity tones and a very balanced finish.


HOMEMADE Sweet wine in PORRON 125cl      £4.50

Intense moscatel aroma, orange flower, citrons, tea and raisins. In the mouth, the fruit is intense; it is a full-bodied wine, with sweet and sour sensations, and a long and persistent finish.


Mayor de Castilla Cosecha (75cl)                          £18.50

Is a deep wine with an intense violet colour with bluish hues.

The nose is abundant with red fruit and notes of ripe berries, tannic but sweet, flavourful with genuine notes of this varietal. Combines youth and body, allowing the wine to not only maintain its qualities after a while but also to improve its interesting aroma.

Mayor de Castilla Crianza (75cl)                           £20.50

Is a red wine from Ribera del Duero with a red cherry colour of high intensity, very good depth and beautiful violet trim.

In the nose we find suggestive fruity aromas, with hints of wild red and black fruit, a vanilla base and sweet notes due to aging in barrel. Mature on the palate, full of nuances with a pitch of intense palate.

Its finish shows the richness of ripe tannins that leave an elegant and long aftertaste.

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Lambrusco Emilia Viladuca (0,75L)      £14.00

Is ruby red.  Fresh and fruity fragrance with floral notes. The palate, dry, elegant, full of fresh strawberries and a delicate pink foam.


Peñascal Rosado Aguja (0,75L)             £16.90

Is Raspberry pink, soft salmon, clean and bright. Intense, rich floral tones, an elegant background of wild berries.  Tasty, well balanced, fresh and lively, smooth finish with fruit tones.

Mateus Rouse (0,75L)                            £16.90

Has an appealing and bright hue. Intense bouquet of fresh berries and the joviality of young wines. Well balanced and tempting wine, brilliantly complemented by a soft, slightly sparkling and fizzy finish


D.O. CA. RIOJA   Diamante (75cl)                                 £16.90                                 

Straw yellow color with golden tones.  Is slightly floral and note the notes of ripe fruit. It is smooth and unctuous.

GONZALES BYASS Tio Pepe Fino Sherry  (75ml)      £4.50

TioPepe oozes class and is deliciously refreshing with good weight. This pale-coloured, light bodied wine has a typical salty tang from the onshore sea breezes around Jerez .

JUMILLA    Casa Ermita Blanco Joven (75cl)            £18.50

Yellowish greenish straw with medium intensity, clean and bright, with abundant tear. Aromas of different white fruits, such as peach, pear, pineapple and passion fruit, intermixed with fine jasmine and orange blossom, which bring exotic touches. In the mouth is fresh, glyceric, with a pleasant varietal character and remarkable persistence.

CADIZ    Barbadillo Blanco (75cl)                              £20.00

Is Pale yellow with greenish reflections.  Franco or clean taste, with floral aromas and fruity, smooth, light and slightly acidic

D.O. RIAS BAIXAS  Faustino Rivero Ulecia (75cl)   £24.00   

Is lemon yellow, clean and bright.
Very intense, persistent and quality, memories of green apple and tropical fruit like pineapple aromas. Long, satiny, persistent and with perfect acidity according to your body, very pleasant wine full of sensations.

D.O. RIAS BAIXAS    Mar de Frades (75cl)               £29.90

Is bright lime green raw, reflections of green plum.
Aromas of mango, pineapple and lychees mixed with balsamic notes wild flowers and eucalyptus. Powerful, with fresh salinity, and Atlantic seal in mineral nuances and persistence of tropical fruit.